Poster Request

Please send all poster requests to

Include in your request:

  • Your name, email and phone number
  • Your PI or manager
  • Your funding string (if not in Chemistry)
  • Note: We need your Fund, Department, & Project for example: 136-481525-PRJA122

  • Your poster file (must be smaller than 24MB) in Adobe PDF form
  • The size you want your poster printed (max of 60″)
  • The date and time you need your poster

Due to shipping and supply issues, we print our posters on the best quality paper we can get. We do our best to accommodate requests, but cannot guarantee what paper is in stock.

We ask for a minimum of 24-hours to print all posters.  We do our best to deliver as fast as possible. During peak poster times (recruitment, conferences, seminars, etc…) please allow for extra time to process the large number of orders.

Please contact us at with any questions.

How to Size and Export Your PowerPoint for Poster Printing

Sizing a poster is critical to printing the poster with high resolution. The most common size for academic posters is 36″x48″ although any size you desire under 60″ is possible.

Resizing And Exporting PowerPoint Slides For Poster Printing