Chemistry Print Fleet

The Chemistry Print Fleet was started in 2017 to reduce the number of personal printers in the department, thus reducing the printer footprint in the Department of Chemistry. With printers networked to a group or an area, the department can continue to cover the printing needs and reach a goal of cost savings on toner and other supplies to benefit the department in the future.

The Chemistry Print Fleet is a service run through the Chemistry Fast Copy Center. To join, you have to be located in the Department of Chemistry, be a faculty member or work in one of the centers affiliated with the Department of Chemistry. The Print Fleet is managed by the Copy Center Manager Bruce Goldade, contact him for more information.

To join the Chemistry Print Fleet, please contact Bruce and he’ll discuss with you, what the Print Fleet can do to help with your Printer needs. He will assess what, if any printers you’ll need. Bruce will arrange for the printers to be installed in the location you desire. You will also contact Bruce for supplies, paper or service for your Print Fleet printer.

The Department of Chemistry IT Team serves as co-manager of the Print Fleet and IT experts. They will arrange to get your printer set up and running. They will also help hook up computers to your printer.

If you’re a current member of the Print Fleet and need to request supplies or service, please click on the following link:

Chemistry Print Fleet Request