Thesis Printing

How to Get Your Thesis Professionally Bound

Step 1. Gather the following information:

  • Your funding string (for example 131-458745-2-PRJ8544)
  • Your Professor/Principle Investigator
  • What you want printed on the spine of the book (for example Kate Hill, Ph.D., 2004)
  • The name and email of a person designated to pick up your bound books when they are delivered.

Step 2: Fill out this form.

Step 3. Your part of this process is complete.  The Fast Copy Team will print your thesis on book quality paper and ship it to the bindery.

The process of binding takes approximately 2-3 months. The bindery will ship it back to the Fast Copy Center, and we will notify your contact person (who you designated in the form) to come pick up your finished books. We cannot ship out of the Fast Copy Center.

If you have any questions, please contact Kate Hill at